Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

I always peek into baby buggies when I walk home, because I love to look at the little children who are lying asleep with upstretched hands on a ruffled pillowcase. I also like to look at people who in one way or another give expression to their feelings. I like to look at mothers caressing their children, and I willingly go a little out of my way in order to follow a young couple who are walking hand in hand and are openly in love. It gives me a wistful feeling of happiness and an indefinable hope for the future.

—  Tove Ditlevsen, Youth: The Copenhagen Trilogy (FSG Originals, January 26, 2021)

Highly Recommended. And the trilogy has been recommended as a Best Book of the Year in 2021.


  1. sounds like a well-written and emotional roller coaster ride of a life and love this snippet

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  2. So accurate! Who doesn’t gravitate to the unfiltered delight of a baby, the affectionate gestures between lovers, puppies falling all over themselves with complete disregard for the siblings they are squishing…we are moved by inexplicably hypnotic photos of morning’s promise and evening’s peaceful good night.

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  3. Today a lot of people need: “awistful feeling of happiness and an indefinable hope for the future.”
    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Damn you!
    Said with love, of course…

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  5. If I wasn’t still so tired from Christmas day prep and festivitis, I’d order it right now — but… instead, I’m heading for a nice winter nap on this FRIGID day! -34F!!!!! 🙂

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  6. Interesting progression in the titles.

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  7. Well, then def not for me. I need every scrap of help to stay positive and not to get drawn in by the general ‘low appreciation level’ of all things Life….

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