Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

The part of life
devoted to contemplation
was at odds with the part
committed to action…

Life, my sister said,
is like a torch passed now
from the body to the mind.
Sadly, she went on, the mind is not
there to receive it.

Louise Glück, from “Autumn” in “Winter Recipes from the Collective: Poems” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, October 26, 2021)

Portrait: Louise Gluck via The Atlantic


  1. the ever challenging balancing act –

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  2. Being in and appreciating nature opens the mind to be available without distraction and judgment. That’s part of why your embrace of Cove Island Park helps me get there when I’m not….

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  3. Ahh, but it is – find what works, work those omegas in. Barleans makes a lemon flavored fish oil, never would have believed it! Tastes like custard. B12, vitamin D all important. Up to you, but a visit to a good naturopath would fix you up with some good stuff, I think. We are all different. My preference is acupuncture, Chinese herbs, B12 (no D, we have loads of sunlight in NM all winter long), and the Barleans. Never better. ❤️

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  4. Thank you for the link to the whole poem.
    And the heads up on the fish oil 😉

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