Walking. With More Disquiet.

55° F.  6:50 a.m. Wednesday, October 27th.

Cove Island Park walk @ Daybreak. 5xx days, like in a row. Who cares?

I walk.

Wind gusts blow off Long Island Sound. I mean it’s blowing. 

I climb up on the breakwall and prepare to take this shot. I can’t keep my balance. Camera shake.

I spread my legs. Tuck my elbows into my chest, and still can’t stabilize. Autofocus can’t lock on.

I release the camera, drop my arms, and rest.

I look out at the storm clouds accumulating on the horizon. I turn sideways to reduce the broadside impact of the wind, still trying to find my footing on the breakwall.

I’m on the final turn of Knausgaard’s new book: The Morning Star.  “Fifty was all right. I hadn’t yet grasped the gravity of the situation. Sixty’s another matter altogether.”

It’s change that’s uprooting your ballast.

This ship is bobbling.




Knausgaard continues.

Why did the world become unsettled? What tormented it? What was on its mind?


  • Photo: DK @ Daybreak. October 27, 2021. 55 F & Gusty. 6:50 a.m. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.
  • Post titled inspired by Fernando Pessoa’s “The Book of Disquiet


  1. You still capture amazing moments even when when you feel crap ha! Age is just a number. 🌈🧡

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  2. things can continue, though in new ways. it is over until it’s over.

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  3. What Karen said, pal. Sorry you are seized by such disquiet at the moment, but boy do I get it. Hard to keep one’s equilibrium anymore…disturbing news everywhere ya turn. Hope you know what a wonderful virtual reprieve your photos offer each day. Let yourself enjoy *the moment,* ‘days in a row’ be damned.

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  4. WLS – The world is unsettled, as if the orbit is no longer in sync – we teeter and totter together pal..And yet, you still manage to bring us some of the most magnificent photos of moments we might miss altogether were we not trying to keep our balance.

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  5. great photo. I hope you find some sleep and peace this weekend…

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Please, check complete post … “Why did the world become unsettled? What tormented it? What was on its mind?” … Knausgaard continues.

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  7. Dear DK, yesterday, as I sat on my flight, waiting for take-off, I looked around at all my fellow masked flying companions and the masked flight attendants doing their final checks and thought, “Wow. Twenty months ago who could have imagined sitting on a plane amidst a sea of masks looking and wondering, ‘are you a danger? Are you?'”

    Stranger danger has become a real thing at every age. No one is immune to its insidious nature to steal peace of mind as we go about our days not quite sure that wherever we go, danger isn’t lurking.

    The whole world has shifted and we search for some sense of equilibrium. Believing everything will be okay is so much more difficult when we all feel slightly off balance.

    This is why finding beauty in everyday moments has become even more critical. It connects us to possibility, to the wonder and awe, the magic and mystery all around.

    Like your photos – They create exquisite moments that take our breath away and pull us back from fear and remind us, “Oh look. Beauty and magic and wonder are here. Everything will be okay.”

    Thank you.

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  8. I think your daily walks are good medicine for the brain and your psyche in these unstable times. A little dose of serenity in a turbulent world. Even the wild weather is good for the soul because it’s real and natural, not something forced on us by the nasty will of other people.

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  9. Of all your thoughts, “who cares?” should be obvious! We do. Life on this planet simply offers all who visit the challenge to find balance, to stabilize, feel a need to rest, to find our footing. Meanwhile, how were you ever able to get this photo…so perfect for your experience and our shared world at this time? Thank you for the beauty and reflection. We’re listening, we’re caring!

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  10. What Louise says: “This is why finding beauty in everyday moments has become even more critical. It connects us to possibility, to the wonder and awe, the magic and mystery all around.”
    I encourage all to make a point to get outside and breath!!! Inhale life, smile broadly under you mask…at least where I exhale we required to be masked everywhere even outside in most situations…folks are still wearing Masks as they drive alone in their car with the windows up…
    “Each Breath is a Gift” and we need to freely engage in Life as each Breath takes us forward…possibilities of Wonder do unfold in the present …
    Kindly Christie

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  11. The conscious is that we all love your gorgeous photos! The one above is just before total light, with an unpredictable, trajectory. Please don’t put yourself in danger trying to get a shot! We’ve had rain, wind and cooler temps…Yesterday was so lovely! dry and 73!!! the fall leaves so pretty This morning it was a dreary morning, later improving 🙂
    I think of this word you mention in your title: Disquiet : to deprive of calmness…don’t let that trap of the daily grind news, overtake. Focus on you and your family. I wonder if you’ll be taking care of Suclly (sure I spelled his name incorrect) this weekend…I bet Susan will have lovely conversations with you too! Your Rachel’s upcoming wedding will be here soon! So please take care of yourself…

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  12. Vera Kanigan says:

    Your beautiful photos, your energy, your discipline, your generosity is like “nutrition for the soul”. Take care of yourself. Warm blessings to all your family!

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  13. The world as we perceive it is totally self referential. Perceptions can be changed. Harder, I think, as one ages. But isn’t that the work of living? To remain open to the evolution our changing bodies are giving us little choice but to accept, if we are to have any quality of life? Letting go in a youth focused culture seems difficult, there seems little respect for the wisdom of elders. Still, as we change and grow, we attract others of like mind. Some are old friends or partners, treasures, all. Others are new to us and support our growth curve. Or so I have noticed, anyway.

    Fabulous that you persisted in capturing that lovely shot! There is the patience youth often lacks.


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  14. niasunset says:

    Good Morning dear David, as if i everything was flowing very well… then there was a serious change in the life of the world, everything started to flow with great speed, consuming each other… years, years, memories… at least where I live,…? I can’t help but remember George Orwell’s 1984…in these days… anyway, You’ve captured the perfect moment, I love it. What an amazing deep colours of early morning hours…
    Thank you, Love, nia

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  15. I have no idea why this came up NOW, nor why I haven’t seen this then…. oh but Yes, I was ill with my Covid vaccination…. that’s the reason!
    But now I clicked on a link that should have been sending me to a photo of someone’s post and YOU came up….
    But anyway, I am thankful for this and I do hope that your ‘feeligs’ are a bit more optimistic by now, though Why, I couldn’t say…. Cheers.

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  1. […] of flattery… However (Stanley’s favourite word), I do so hope you don’t mind, David Kanigan, of Live & Learn, that I have usurped your style for this post.  As I was considering writing […]

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