That’s how this machine works

There’s how I don’t answer the phone, and how I sometimes like to lie down on the floor in the kitchen and pretend I’m not home when people knock. There’s daytime silent when I stare, and a nighttime silent when I do things. There’s shower silent and bath silent and […] car silent and then there’s the silence that comes back, a million times bigger than me, sneaks into my bones and wails and wails and wails until I can’t be quiet anymore. That’s how this machine works.

Ada Limón, excerpt from “The Quiet Machine”, in Bright Dead Things: Poems 

Notes: Portrait by Lucas Marquardt @ About Ada. Passage via antigonick


  1. It’s possible to connect to the silence in every part of our lives. I love that she lies down in the kitchen floor ha! 👏

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  2. Silence is a treasure

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  3. Have always marveled at the many distinct forms of silence. The silence of a welcome retreat…a quiet,cool room best suited for a Sunday afternoon nap….versus the silence of one’s home after beloved family and friends have departed. So very different….

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  4. Love Ada Limon – got to participate in a reading she did with WritingxWriters interviewed by Pam Houston … She is a treasure ……

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  5. There are so many levels of silence. Some comforting, some not so much. Love this.
    Can’t say I’ve ever tried to hide from whomever at the door, though!

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  6. Wow!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I also have a ‘aquiet machine’ … I can see myself doing the same!! … “That’s how this machine works.” — Ada Limón, excerpt from “The Quiet Machine”, in Bright Dead Things: Poems.


  8. It’s rarely silent anywhere on my parts of the earth, but I always prefer quiet; the opposite somehow seems a wound.

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  9. What Lori and Dale expressed about the types of silence…I agree with their POV’s…///
    Growth within Silence is a gift…

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