It is a one-way trip

It is a one-way trip.

Each moment of life is a an irreplaceable jewel. If we could carry death on our left shoulder the way Carlos Castaneda suggests and treat every moment as the treasure it is, we would never waste our lives being angry, or petty. We would treat each encounter with a person or a place as the last one. Life continues to change, and with that change we evolve into something new. It doesn’t make what was before wrong but it is gone forever…

I think living here has for me been an opportunity to see this cyclic nature of seasons and yet every season is different. Certainly, I am different with each season.

At the end of my long life what I have discovered is that there are no ordinary days.

—  Jean Aspen, Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness (2018)

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  1. An excellent, timely and timeless message, David! I look forward to checking out Arctic Daughter. Thank you here and the absolutely stunning photos on Instagram! ❤️

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Simply awesome!! … “At the end of my long life what I have discovered is that there are no ordinary days.” — Jean Aspen, Arctic Daughter: A Lifetime of Wilderness (2018).


  3. Thank you for this profoundly penetrating post…will certainly watch their documentary. Love hearing perspectives from you high Northern people, Erica, and David, and Jean Aspen. Is it easier for those in such an environment to be more “in the moment”? No matter, it’s the fullest way to live.

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  4. Ohhh, this looks like a must watch! I admire people like Jean who are willing to push the envelope in nature. My parents spent many a season camping in remote areas of the boundary waters of Canada–would be dropped off in the middle of nowhere by a bush pilot with a few weeks supplies and their guide, an incredible guy named Bill Magee. Hunted and fished for food, camped, just generally unplugged. Sadly, this is not me. Just never been one who embraced testing myself against the elements, but all the respect for those who do….

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  5. There are no ordinary days – spot on

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  6. beautiful David ~ enjoyed Arctic daughter ☺️🙏smiles hedy

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  7. Words of wisdom from one so young but has the intent to learn through all things.

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  8. Beautiful message. We live on such vast abundant land and it would be such a gift to live so simply and so free! 🙏🏻

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  9. Thank you for sharing this and helping me to remind myself the true way to live every day is to be aware that this moment can be the last moment

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