Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Where would you begin?

Where would you end?

— Joyce Maynard, Count the Ways: A Novel (William Morrow (July 13, 2021)



  1. Not a book for my reading pile (still about 150 books high)…. but you picked two promising sentences for this post! Why did you like this book? It seems so full of heart-break, drama, broken illusions.

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  2. begin at the beginning. the end is as yet unknown.

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  3. I went to read the author’s note and prologue. Beautiful writing. Just may make it to the “to read” pile 🙂

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  4. Do you like fiction? Check out Charles Spencer’s new book about semi true story of a ship wreck in 1100’s. It’s my book on tap. I was having a conversation with one of your followers and since I hadn’t sleep in weeks I thought she was your wife by the way she was talking. It turns out of course she was talking aobu ther husband who has smilar eating habits. HAHAHA. 🙂

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  5. And the pile grows higher…

    On another note, this morning, when I opened the drawer where the coffee grinder is stored, I spied my husband’s new stash of cookies. “Refined sugar is out,” the calm, caring voice within whispered. “Remember DK.” I took out the coffee grinder and closed the drawer for the win! Like, two days in a row.

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  6. Christie says:

    I think back to your Erma Bombeck post on 4h of July…I mentioned authors/journalist that I like and Joyce Maynard was/is one of them…I did not know that she writes fiction…She has certainly written many great, humorous columns and articles…///She was involved for years with JD Salinger, starting when I think she was 18 and this quote “When people ask what I write about, that’s what I tell them: ‘The drama of human relationships.’ I’m not even close to running out of material.” for a time she was very quite about her experiences with JD Salinger and I respect that. (she later did open up a bit) their are situations that people and JM that are best to be in the past… I prefer to read her non-fiction content…

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