Walking. With Sun Rising in the West.

4:35 a.m. Cove Island Park morning walk. 445 consecutive days. Like in a row. This train just keeps rollin’.

If there is a Heaven (and God, I hope so) it would be here, not in La Jolla, right here.

63° F. Low humidity. Gentle breeze at 5 mph off Long Island Sound.  And no Humans (yet).

Summer breeze makes me feel fine…blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind.  Go ahead, I know you want to. Lip sync it. I’ll wait for you.

It’s inevitable. When you trudge around in semi-darkness (aka daybreak), that sh*t will happen.

Circa 1 year ago, left foot plummeted down a 18” hole. It’s flat earth, and then there’s a Hole, out of nowhere. Down I go. Hyperventilating, thinking this Hole, was refuge for a wolverine, or a rabid raccoon.  I yank my foot out, rocks scrape knee, calf, leg —F*ckin’ H*ll.  

6 weeks ago, low tide, top of shoe snags on a metal strap, like what would a metal strap being doing here.  It rips a gash through shoe, sock, and stops a hair from gouging the top of my arch.  More (a lot more) choice curse words because I read somewhere that cursing is a sign of intelligence. And I believe this. Yet, what fails to register, is that if this were true, I’d have an IQ of 180, like Mensa +. And we all know this ain’t true, so more bullshit, you really can’t believe everything you read.

This morning, toe catches stone. Like a small stone. Bigger than a pebble, but smaller than Stonehenge.  Body shudders like a Bobblehead.  I regain my balance, and miraculously I’m still upright. Still got it. 10 years from now Pal, you won’t be this lucky. No you won’t. You and your backpack, full of your Canon gear, will pull you under, and your spirit bird, the Cormorrant, diving, poking your eye balls out. God, where is this going?

I walk. Hobbling now.

Two ladies. 70’s.  Approach. They point at the moon, a giant full moon and ask: “Is that the Sun?”

Over my shoulder, from the East, the horizon glows, sunrise in 10 minutes. I turn and point: “Sun, that  way.”

Bloody Hell. I might just be Mensa!

Photo: DK @ Daybreak. 5:59 a.m.  63° F. July 24, 2021. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.


  1. glad you are still upright and your brain is intact! i love the sun question so much

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  2. You had me laughing out loud and then I felt bad because of all your falls. I shouldn’t be laughing….But … loved the way you told this.

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  3. I want to know how you determined the cormorant was your spirit animal…and I completely agree with the theory that creative cursing is a sign of intelligence. That said, I would be the reason to wonder if the moon was the sun or vice versa –

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  4. Keep on keepin’ on!

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  5. You. Crack. Me. Up. Note to self…DK’s 2021 Christmas gift: a hand carved walking stick with the inscription “Damnit, still walking, like many, many days in a row.”

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  6. I’m with Lori. You crack me up. And, it IS proven that swearing helps reduce pain so… there is THAT…
    Poor women not recognizing the moon. Seriously…

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  7. Mensa?????? I think you should apply, today!

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  8. You can call it a “hiking stick” ye know. I bought a hand-finished, varnished (and with leather wrapped grip) tree-limb kind from a Vets organization function after husband’s first roof-fall hobbling. Son, tho, has used it these 20 years on every 4,000-footer climb! He has it in every summit photo and truly, it has been admired at least once on every climb. Where you go, backpack and all, it would look quite normal, I promise!

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  9. Chuckling … you still got it!

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  10. so next time I hear someone curse, I’ll just assume they are in Mensa…

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  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome shot!! … “4:35 a.m. Cove Island Park morning walk. 445 consecutive days. Like in a row. This train just keeps rollin’.”


  12. Christie says:

    Glad you didn’t do a face plant on the ice, like that time you got off the train in the city on your way to the office..Hope you wear hiking boots!///Memorial day w/end I had an old rusty nail go through my hiking boot ad into my heel, ugh….Last night the moon was so Bright! // My daughter must have read the same article about intelligence and swear words, I hate swears and she reminds me of the intellect of those we swear…btw, she is extremely intelligent…my father and a brother belong to Mensa…the rest of us never bothered exploring the Mensa membership process…///your photo so amazing, all those layers of color and varying heights !

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  13. Everything is relative…. Glad you are still upright. All these walks will keep you that way so no fear.


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  14. Beautiful captures. 👏Try sitting 🧎as hard as it is…Less likelihood of falling ha!


  15. Brilliant!

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  16. This is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs! 🤗

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  17. Patti Nequette says:

    Beautiful, moving, made me laugh

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  18. I love walking in the morning when it’s so peaceful and quite and there’s nowone else around!

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