I want to believe.

I think in all likelihood this report will come and go, and with it the mainstream chatter around U.F.O.s, until definitive proof is exposed. A planet that can’t come together on climate change or a global pandemic might not pay much attention even if wreckage or an alien corpse is discovered. The culture wars alone might eclipse it, so rabidly are we in their grips.

But what if we had direct contact? With actual alien beings from an exoplanet who’ve traveled light years to seek us out? Who have answers to every question we’ve ever asked?

The result would unquestionably change the course of mankind. But would it change us?

I want to believe.

— Chris Carter, from “I Created ‘The X-Files.’ Here’s Why I’m Skeptical of the New U.F.O. Report.” (NY Times, June 25, 2021)

Image: IMDb


  1. I find it hard to fathom that we’re the only life form anywhere in the universe. Can’t help thinking there’s someone/something out there somewhere. And not for nothing, but man, do I love Gillian Anderson…what an actor! Did you see her as Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Crown?’ Genius…

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  2. It is impossible for me to believe that we are the only life form out there, and if we are, we certainly leave something to be desired in some areas.) yes, I want to believe that there is more out there-

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  3. Great — us on steroids (so to speak)? No thanks! That technologically far ahead, they can probably vaporize mere human flesh with one blink (if they blink..) C’mon, I haven’t even finished worrying about murder hornets, yet.

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  4. Some days, after watching the news, an alien planet sounds pretty good.

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  5. ‘Want to believe.’ Yes, I, too question the adaptability of the collective human being. 🙄

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  6. I love the original

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  7. niasunset says:

    …want to believe? In this world what to believe is almost a big chaos… Actually there are many things in this life I really want to believe. I can’t imagine if any of them, I mean allien, would be seen in here in my country!!!!! probably we wouldn’t be surprised because our politicians are all alliens not from this world or land,… they don’t think of us…
    Thank you dear Dave, this was a nice series… I watched them all. Of course I want to believe… Have a nice day, Love, nia

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