T.G.I.F. (…to the weekend)



  1. I need a big one too – should REALLY go out to do essential shopping but the wind is blowing with sturm force and the rain is coming from every direction….. small worries?! you bet – but when there’s no food on the table, it’s not so small any longer. 😉

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  2. is anyone listening? )

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  3. Ok…I’ll get off my swing and push you, if you get off your swing and push me…then I’ll get off my swing and push you and you can reciprocate…sigh – guess this isn’t going to get us anywhere…Good thing it’s Friday 🥴

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  4. Oh, you can make me laugh as easily as you can bring tears to my eyes. There is always a moment of anticipation when I open your posts and this was a laugh out loud morning. Thanks for getting my day started…with a push to chuckle!


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  5. Thanks for the smile, pal. Happy Friday!

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Oh the truth of this!! indeed …

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  7. That’s how I feel today. Just a nudge would help me get going.

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  8. LOL Don’t we all?

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  9. Me, too! But lo! Look at the time! Wooo hooooo!

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  10. niasunset says:

    me too!!!! Everything is same… in my lockdown life everything is monoton now, the only change is the number of cases… increasing everyday… Thank you dear David, stay safe, Love, nia

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  11. I think we all need a push after COVID 🤨

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  12. seems like this should have been saved for a Monday; who want a push on a Friday? 🙂

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