T.G.I.F. Nope. Mr. Bingo.

Nope, Mr Bingo (via thisisn’thappiness)


  1. That´s me. Happy Friday!

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  2. Baby steps back in

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  3. I’m ready – until I’m not…tip toeing out the door…

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  4. Hhhmmmm …. Its going to be real tough for you and all those Wall Street folks! When back to normal brings more loss rather than freedom 🥲

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  5. Me either! I don’t want my husbadn to go back to the office!

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  6. WMS! Although I am eager to embrace normality, I am reluctant to venture from my little ‘circle of safety.’ And Val is right, your life’s rhythm is going to shift dramatically, too. 😦

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    Me neither … I’m right there with you!!


  8. This might be great time to remember that we once went from a water world to being air-breathers! (And we didn’t ease into it!) We don’t recall that particular day, but no doubt we were both reluctant and scared. ❤

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  9. The virus has certainly turned the world upside down.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    So Grateful -We’ve not been hard hit, statistically we will be in extreme lock-down until June 28th once in awhile we drop down to a lower level for 2 weeks My large state goes back and forth between #1 to #4 for tight lock-down statistically we lost this % of our population 0.058302325581395% # of precious lives lost 2,507 at this point in my state We’ve had family members with bad cases of covid and friends as well. I know DK your state and your county & county next to yours were Ground Zero for awhile I can assume Unbelievably Scary & many did not leave their homes for a long time (I stay home and my family goes out to the store,etc ) once in awhile I go along. My county is a smidge smaller than your entire state
    My states economy is Gutted as is most of the USA We continue to pray for the USA and the World. So many Precious Lives Lost and so many people with Long Term lingering issues

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  11. Me either!

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