5:00 PM Bell!

Oh, come on. You smiled. Admit it.


Source: thisisnthappiness


  1. Smiling here!! 😀


  2. …course we did! What’s not to smile here – Snoopy never fails to make me smile….

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  3. Yup.


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  4. I smiled when I saw 5:00PM bell… haven’t seen it in awhile

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  5. I did….I did…smiled…a big cheesy smile saved for special occasions. Snoopy is always special…like you DK. Just like you…special.

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  6. )))


  7. Avethandwa says:

    And years turn out to be?

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  8. I did.

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  9. I even went so far as to giggle. 🤭 And nice to see the 5 o’clock bell again!

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  10. Laughed out loud

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