Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

The wonder, the riddle of my not having perished already, of the silent power guiding me.

It forces on to this absurdity:

Left to my own resources, I should have long ago been lost.

My own resources.

Franz Kafka, The Diaries of Franz Kafka: 1914-1923 

Notes: Quote, thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels. Photo: Studio Miniatur Filmowych


  1. it’s all a mix of magic and miracle that we even wake up each day

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  2. I never was a Kafka ‘type’. These words confirm that. I’m just amazed that Beth, as always, finds the right words to put our Dave in a good mood 😉

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  3. Amazing if you stop and think about how you move through life, the way each day unfolds, the many miracles that have to happen every minute to keep this whole grand experiment on the rails, so to speak…. And I land on grateful. Startled, often amazed, and deeply, deeply grateful….

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Excellent … “My own resources.” – Franz Kafka, The Diaries of Franz Kafka: 1914-1923 .

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  5. Paradox, my friend paradox…needing that which we can’t see and deriding that which we can, when perhaps we don’t see what we should – you get where I’m going…Anyway, I share Kiki’s view about Kafka – and it’s a bit early…🥴

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  6. It is one of the things that most inspired me working in an adult homeless shelter. Every morning 1,000 people whose lives were in tatters, messy beyond my comprehension, would awaken and begin, step by step, a brand new day.
    It was and is a testament to the power of our human spirit’s will to survive, no matter the trials we put it through.

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  7. Great text. I appreciate what is not obvious.

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