What is Bliss?

Your stomach growls.

You head to the fridge.

Your eyes start at the top shelf and work down.

And there, THERE, sitting on the bottom shelf, is a Red Velvet Cake.

(Apparently delivered by your Daughter overnight.)

What is Bliss?


Cake for Breakfast.

Breakfast is served!


  1. YES!

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  2. Yes! And tomorrow…#cakewithyourmamaday

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  3. Oh be still my heart! Red Velvet Cake is my *absolute* favorite. Salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs just gazing at the photo. And that’s buttercream frosting I assume…sigh. Have a piece for me, pal!

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  4. What a thoughtful daughter. Enjoy.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yummy!! … “Cake for Breakfast. Breakfast is served!”

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  6. That is much better than your donut any time. One of my fav cakes too after Italian Cream Cake! YUM.

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  7. Nan Heldenbrand Morrissette says:

    Cake for breakfast? And why not!
    Pie works too. Especially a warmed slice of fruit pie with a little milk on it. Eat with a spoon. 💕

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  8. Nice of Rachael to leave such a yummy surprise! The photo made me think of a recent email to you “Dreams of Desserts on a Sunday Morning” list of BUZZFEED – 23 Bakeries You Need to Visit Before You Die (In The World)… /// Nan has a good idea too! When I was a girl the neighbors across the street had an wonderful and industrious Great Aunt Annie, who often came for week long visits…she was a widow & of Finnish stock. For decades while her husband was living and now when she would visit her family she would bake a pie before breakfast Every Day!!! to be enjoy either before breakfast or to accompany breakfast…Thanks for adding sweetness to my evening…today has had some trying moments. Didn’t make it to bed, last night until 3am and didn’t log much sleep time, before needing to get up…

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  9. my question is: will it even make it to breakfast??

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  10. That is bliss, indeed! LOL

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  11. that’s a good daughter; you have trained her well… 🙂

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  12. What a gift 🥰

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