How you can fall in love with the light.


  • Photo: DK, Daybreak. Jan 22, 2021. 6:56 to 7:32 am. 32° F feels like 23° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford CT.
  • Post Title: “Of all the things I wondered about on this land, I wondered the hardest about the seduction of certain geographies that feel like home — not by story or blood but merely by their forms and colors. How our perceptions are our only internal map of the world, how there are places that claim you and places that warn you away. How you can fall in love with the light.” — Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on Desert, Sea, Stone, and Sky (Pantheon; July 16, 2002) (via exhaled-spirals)


  1. Beautiful….and so true.


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  2. Wow, Stunning photos! Thank you for helping make my morning a good one, David🙂 “…geographies that feel like home…” is a Zoom topic for next week. A coincidence? Serendipity? Hmmmmm…..Have a Good Friday!

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  3. So beautiful…thank you for those amazing images.

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  4. What a perfect way to welcome the weekend, pal. You put the ‘ahhhh’ in ahhhmazing! 😉

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  5. How you can fall in love with the light?

    I come here every morning to breathe in the beauty of the photos you share of light breaking free of the darkness.

    And I fall… deeper and deeper.

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  6. Love inspirational quote!

    I have missed dawn and sunrise all week. Driving out west to the suburbs while the sunrises in my rear-view mirror.
    Glad I have a small army of dedicated people who keep sharing the light.

    And this sunroom you keep going through with your lense! Oy!

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  7. Oh my, DK – You’ve become so good – these look like professional photos to me. My faves so far. (I know I’ve said that before.)

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  8. Good morning from Simi Valley David! What a beautiful way to start my day and my weekend. Here, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, though I love the mornings (sky) in all its’ moods. But, thanks to you for sharing this glorious light of sunrise, and I am enjoying the best of both worlds!.

    Happy Weekend!

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  9. …beautiful compositions and colour palette DK 🤓…our perceptions are our only internal map of the world…so lovely ~ thanks for sharing have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

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  10. You have showed how lighting can really enhance photos of a location!

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  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome moment!! Amazing photography!! … “DK, Daybreak. Jan 22, 2021. 6:56 to 7:32 am. 32° F feels like 23° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford CT.”

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  12. This place really lends itself to all kinds of photos. Really beautiful shots, DK.

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  13. You have a gift, David, which you share… you’ve been sharing your love of the light with us.

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  14. so beautiful photos!

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  15. it all plays on our internal reactions, and draws us in

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  16. I’m in love with everything in nature. 🌾🌿 Beautiful captures

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  17. Exactly… these moments are great. You did amazing photographs, even by watching I fall in love, I can’t imagine to be in these moments… Thank you dear Dave, Love, nia

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