Thanksgiving Morning

Quiet has many moods. When our sons are home, their energy is palpable. Even when they’re upstairs sleeping I can sense them, can feel the house filling with their presence, expanding like a sail billowed with air. I love the dawn stillness of a house full of sleepers, love knowing that within these walls our entire family is contained and safe, reunited, our stable four-sided shape resurrected.

~ Katrina Kenison, Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment 

Photo: DK, home, Thanksgiving Day, Nov 26, 2020. 55° & Rain.


  1. I love this passage, as I know precisely the feeling she means (not with kids, as I don’t have any of those, but with loved ones in general). Hope you have your flock gathered in this weekend, pal, including Sully… Happy Thanksgiving to the Kanigans!! 💕🦃

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  2. Safe, yes – the air changes somehow – as if the house too breathes a sigh of contentment and calm. So it is, with the hope that all the Kanigans are safe, and the gratitude of this dedicated cyber-pal, that I wish you all a peaceful and happy Turkey Day.

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  3. it is one of the most wonderful feelings in world. happy thanksgiving to your clan, dk

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  4. I believe I will feel it one day 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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  5. I like this holiday a lot because we all come back “down to Earth,” as it were, and think about the things that really matter, and we do it in a humble way. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  6. Compose a joyful day David ~ sending joy to you and your loved ones ☺️💫 hedy

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  7. As I type, my beloved is asleep in our bed on the far side of our home. Beaumont the Sheepadoodle lies at my feet under my desk in front of the window watching the river flow and the darkness outside grow slowly lighter.
    And while my family is not sleeping in rooms under my roof, I know they are safely tucked into beds under their own roofs. Sleeping peacefully.
    Such a blessing.
    The knowing. My family is safe where ever they are in the world.
    May you and yours be safe and peaceful this Thanksgiving David. May the roofs under which you sleep, whether the same or different, hold you in Love.

    And… on this American Thanksgiving Day may you know how grateful I am for this virtual roof of your home-on-the-web where I find inspiration, friendship, laughter and Love every single day.

    Happy Thanksgiving

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  8. I always look forward to you sharing, this passage of Katrina Kenison…it is one of your Thanksgiving Traditions! /// Even though it is still dark, earlier I heard a low, noise, like crying…I stand in the hallway and there is that noise again, thinking daughter is having a bad dream I turn on the hall light walk into the room and said are you crying no she is laughing…out from under the covers emerges her head, her hand is holding her cell, the blue light screen of her cell glows in the dark room and the image that is making her laugh…I suggest she turn it off and try to get some sleep…grateful to have her safe, warm & happy…as I hear her Dad’s loud snoring through the walls and into the living room where I am sitting…now through the dark house emerges the daughter…she’s greeting all three pets and is now hungry. I am going to eat a croissant so on goes the kitchen light…Thankful for her, the sleeping husband, the pets, love of family and at this point a full refrigerator…which held the piece of Swiss cheese I ate as I stood outside in the dark courtyard with the dog, inciting him in with a piece of my Swiss Cheese…now she eaten her warmed in the butter pan croissant & announces I am going to go lay down. Nourishing Love of Family, within a warm Shelter of a Home…anticipating a quiet afternoon enjoying a Bountiful meal made with Love by my Husband…We are Thankful for Our Many Blessings and Pray for Others and the state of this World…

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    Unique Thanksgiving this year … “I love the dawn stillness of a house full of sleepers, love knowing that within these walls our entire family is contained and safe, reunited, our stable four-sided shape resurrected.” ~ Katrina Kenison, Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment.

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  10. How sweet…the lovely photo of your home, and the words about sleeping loved ones! My loved ones are happily in various parts of our globe. One thing the same, I have an all night slow cooking turkey in the oven (invited a friend with no family, no kids to share with me). Peace to all…!

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  11. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving Day, Thank you, Love, nia

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  12. Beautiful, what you described here are the blessed moments of life .Silence and stillness of dawn bring its’ own treasures .
    Love and peace

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