Back to School by Dave Pollot


  1. How can I even ‘like’ that? Not sad, HEART-BREAKING….

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  2. niasunset says:

    This is so touching… so touching. What a hell we created actually in this world… I believe that all these things because of humans… We damaged the earth life, and also damaged the harmony in the earth… now we are so sad… and trying to find solution…

    Thank you dear David, we should see this, read this, we should be sure what we could make for future… for them… Love, nia

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    • 100% agree Nia. Your thoughts remind me of:

      He said it’s hard, sometimes, to finish. The bile rises in his throat and he could break the lectern beneath his hands, overcome with a profound sense of loathing for what we are, all of us, and the poison of our species. He called himself a hypocrite for always talking, never doing, and he said he hates himself as much as anyone, he’s as much a perpetrator, a consumer living in wealth and privilege and wanting more and more and more.

      — Charlotte McConaghy, Migrations: A Novel (Flatiron Books, August 4, 2020)

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  3. Sad, but It cannot be avoided.

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  4. …very sad.

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  5. Sad, says it. like it is!

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  6. Sad is right! Goerge Orwellish

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  7. this hurts my heart.

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  8. A tragedy on so many levels…😢

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  9. Nan Heldenbrand Morrissette says:

    This picture says it all: the innocence of childhood vs greed, ignorance, and evil. As an elementary student I was plagued with nightmares caused by regular, frightening “duck and cover” drills. Same causes. Greed. Ignorance. Evil.


  10. The fact that it has happened means there is time to change it.<3

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  11. Anonymous says:

    I started teaching this week again at FGCU. No fun!

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  12. Anonymous says:

    I started teaching this week again at FGCU. No fun

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    • My neighbor left earlier this week to drive her son to Boulder, CO to start college. His Freshman year. He is a student athlete, he doesn’t look old enough to be away from home. He is really a great kid…///One of the local Universities (small school) here, had dorm move in day Wednesday. /// I am not sure if the other University is having on campus classes./// best of luck to you with this new reality…

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  13. It is sad, and I know the photo is meant to be a bit of overkill, but the cloth face masks won’t be so bad. Wish they’d been wearing them when I was teaching and those little germ factories gave me strep throat EVERY year. I haven’t had it (or even more than a couple of colds) in all the many years since I retired. Face masks on kids or on teachers around kids will prevent a lot more than just Covid.

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  14. We need Mr Rogers (rip, Fred) to help the children adjust, wish he was here…his calm way were always soothing…Children will need extra soothing…the photo is heartbreaking…

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  15. Such a day for me today…5th anniversary of my Mom’s passing…I just read what you wrote: in response to Lori’s comment: “Innocence burned to ground” No time to even think of a Mask…as I comforted the four innocence children and their dog today, they live across the street -home alone (very capable & responsible children) My daughter said Mom did you scream? No I hear screaming I said run outside she did she ran back in the neighbors house is on Fire (I am in the bathroom) my husband is on his way out the door…the next door neighbor to them put a wet rag over his mouth and grabbed his house entering the burning home beating back the flames, his girlfriend is calling 911 she has the children near her…the children had banged on their door… my husband unlocked the gate to get our hose just in-case the firefighters don’t get here in time…I had the children come over to be under the Maple tree, we gave them Gateoraid, cookies, I dispensed hugs,Kleenex, held the littlest one (4) for a little while, patted backs, told them how brave, smart they are that they did the important thing by getting out of the house…I keep charge of them as the firemen did their job, people, other neighbors and passerby saw the children and came to check on them and one neighbor and the oldest boy secured the dog in this persons backyard.The oldest an early teen, who was cooking tried to put out the fire with the extinguisher wish didn’t work needed recharged…All the adults made sure to let them know that this is an accident and they are brave! The oldest got a-hold of their Mom….I can’t image what that call was like for a Mom who had to drive…She made it home, she still hadn’t heard from the dad, he had to drive 1/2 hour must have been a hard drive…with concern for his family…I am so Grateful no one was hurt!!! Their place is about 40 ft of dry field from the timbered hill. With the wind and high fire danger (thankfully cooler today) a horrible wildfire Could have sweep through and much would have been lost…So grateful it was contained to the kitchen…smoke damage through-out the two stories…Please for those of you who pray please pray for the family…God bless all…

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