Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Remembering that time …

when we had unrealized possibility,

the drifting period of our youth.

Kate Zambreno, Screen Tests: Stories and Other Writing (Harper Perennial, July 23, 2019)


Photo: Alain Laboile


  1. and what an open joy, with no limits

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  2. Actually (bizzarely?) I am far more attracted by that photo. What an artist! Father of six children…. have a quick roam through his FAMILY album – and be amazed!

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    • I’m with you, Kiki…love this photographer’s work. Brings Sally Mann to mind…

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      • Lori, that’s an amazing ‘coincidence’, right?! I only just very quickly peeped into her Family pics and they are so touching but also made me kind of sad because nowadays you can’t really post any pics like those, naked children – it’s like their innocence has been taken away by the vile human eyes, or rather minds….

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    • Are they nudists?

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      • Who? And why would they be?
        Personal opinion: If you live(d?) remotedly enough, there is no reason not to let your kids roam freely (naked) but I believe that since Hamilton this kind of photography has acquired a soupçon of seediness and ‘dirty’ or else since the MeToo disclosures just doesn’t seem possible any longer. ‘Then’, many moons ago, my father ripped off the Hamilton photos of young girls from my bedroom corner, now we can’t imagine any longer naked children in family albums. It seems we lose all innocence in a short time.

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        • Different strokes for different folks. I’m definitely not saying it’s ‘dirty’, it was a legitimate question. And I don’t see why the need to run around naked – and I am far from prudish, I assure you. For sure kids brought up this way must be more comfortable in their own skin.

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          • That’s what I’d say too. When I was a child – and we lived in a largeish neighbourhood of mostly ‘just well adjusted, rather prude and definitely not adventurous’ working class people – there was ONE single mum with 4 or 5 young kids and she knew no inhibitions with her young ones. They shocked all of us with their ‘natural and uninhibited behaviour’, we as small kids LOVED them. But even then we knew better than telling our parents what went on in their garden because many an early children’s friendship would have been suppressed illico presto 😉 – I see beauty, innocence, many see something dirty or make it dirty.

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          • For sure.

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  3. When the days stretched before us to enjoy at leisure, no worries that, once passed, they could never be reclaimed….

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  4. It was rather early when my sleepy eyes misread this as “the drinking period of our youth” 😁 but, yes.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Ahhh, the sweet days of youth!! Where did they go? … “the drifting period of our youth.” — Kate Zambreno, Screen Tests: Stories and Other Writing (Harper Perennial, July 23, 2019).

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  6. it seems funny that when we are younger, unrealized possibility is a good thing, something to celebrate. As we get older, unrealized possibility seems to suggest an unfulfilled life…

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