T.G.I.F.: Silver Lining

Eva Creel (Hirschau, Bayern, Germany) with Silver Lining. “Underwater above and somewhere in between. I’m a photographer. My goal is to suck a little less with every shoot.”


  1. I’ve never seen anybody suck less than Eva from Bavaria!!!! This is glorious, cool, and the title is apt to the photo.

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  2. that’s an amazing shot

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  3. Wow! Well, I would say she is succeeding…. Amazing photo.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Working at her craft … awesome photo!! … “Eva Creel (Hirschau, Bayern, Germany) with Silver Lining. “

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  5. an amazing photo…

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  6. Wow! I just got lost for over fifteen minutes looking at her amazing images… Where did you discover her?

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  7. Like Dale, I got lost looking at her images. Who knew I could emit consecutive WOWs for so long? Looking at her photos felt like driving the Pacific Coast Highway where every curve resulted in my exclaiming, Wow! Thinking around the next one could not be so beautiful and then it was! (fortunately my husband was driving so I could experience the Wow again and again)

    But seriously… how can a loaf of bread, a knife and a crumb evoke so many emotions? That’s art!

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  8. The days of the week don’t mean much anymore and I have trouble remembering what day of the week it is so thanks for the reminder.

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  9. So talented 👏

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  10. Christie says:

    Like a fisherman’s creel used to hold his catch, to later be consumed & enjoyed…Eva Creel masterfully catches her vision in her viewfinder/range finder, she clicks and then the capture, of a mill-second’s gift… gives birth to a creative symphony that lives and draws breath, in those who view…

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