Running. With Perforated Edges.

6:39:47 a.m. April 10th. The time stamp on photo.

I recall the moment. The end of my run, I’m rounding the last corner before home, breathing heavily.

Morning sun. A light warm hue painting the tips of trees and bushes. Beautiful.

I slip off my glove, the tip of my index finger is moist, trembling, and sticking to the screen. I wipe it dry and slide the menu bar from Pano, Portrait, Video, Slo-Mo, Portrait, and stop on Photo. Pleased, I pause for a moment longer, admiring the view, so glad I was able to catch the moment. 

I walk the rest of the way home, catching my breath.

I’m sitting in the backyard, 30° F, sweat drying, goosebumps form on skin. I shiver. Legs sore, but that good sore after finishing a run.

I open the camera app to check out the photo.

I tap the image, and it pops up. It stutters for a moment, then a series of frames, and it stops. Irritated.

I tap the image again. And there on the top of the image, a “Live” tag.  WTF is that?

I tap the image again. It stutters, pans through a series of frames, and then stutters to silence. Jesus. You can’t even get this right.

I grab the phone and slide my index finger along the menu options, and don’t see a “Live” option. Damn it!

Index finger. Dotted line. Bad outcome. Mind draws up the Moment.

35 years later, like yesterday. My hands trembling. The course of Life would change based on the GMAT test results in that ever so thin envelope. Before I tear it open, the tip of my index finger slides along the perforated edge, my skin tingling as it passes each tiny raised dot.  I don’t recall who was with me at the time: “How’d you do?” I walked away, needing to be alone, needing to be quiet, needing to be still.

I’ve been dragging that anvil around for 35 years.

I turn back to the photo. Love photos. But it’s clear, cameras, are not my thing.

The photo syncs on iCloud to my laptop. (Magic!)

I convert the Live Photo to a still image.  Upload it to the blog post.  And pause.  Didn’t notice my shadow in the photo until now.

I run my finger around the silhouette. There you are DK. 

You caught yourself in the shot.

Your legs look a bit long, but you turned out to be ok.


  1. Yes, you turned out just fine, pal. Happy Easter! 🐰🌷

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  2. You might not be perfect, but you’ll do.
    That “live” toggle gets me every now and then also.

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  3. Amazing, how sitting fiddling with your phone pulled the memory like this.

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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  4. I love the sparseness of your writing that is filled with an exquisite depth. Very beautiful story.

    And yes, you turned out okay.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Sounds familiar!!!

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  6. i so get this and you look fine, friendly giant.

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  7. LOL! You see? You’re taller than you thought. Great pic! Happy Easter.

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  8. almost looks like autumn… and I’m glad you mentioned your shadow, did not see it the first time… Happy Easter to you and your family!

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  9. Valerie Meluskey says:

    “There you are DK. … you turned out to be ok”! What a lovely message!
    also, a frequent message showing up recently: “I walked away, needing to be alone, needing to be quiet, needing to be still.”
    Do you get that from running?

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  10. Beautiful moment and perfect photo. 👏🌈 My interpretation…in the stillness, you saw your shadow self, the one that has always followed you around. But today you accepted that part of you. You saw it and what you thought was a failure was actually a gift. That’s a miracle. To accept our shadow self is only discovered in still moments, in the pause. Bravo to you. And Happy Easter 🐣

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  11. I kind of agree with Karen with your post and picture…you do have a unique way of thinking and being able to write it out so it forms a response from others. A gift.

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  12. Far more than ok…far far more

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  13. Steve Renfro says:

    I applied at one of those online colleges a couple years ago. I think I did OK on reading comprehension and grammar, but blew it on math. I also had to submit an essay.
    The results from the college came in. “Thanks, but no thanks” along with a suggestion that I take a couple math courses at the local community college and check back in a year or two. I figure they were saving me a lot of trouble.
    All in all DK I think we are both OK.

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  14. I took a day off from reading (catching up – bloody hell). I love this post, David. You share in such a unique and wonderful way. And by the way, the first thing I saw was your shadow 🙂
    I had that “action picture” thing happen on my phone, too. WTF?? Funny when it uploads to my computer, there is only one image. I did find the setting rather by accident and removed it as it annoyed the hell out of me. You did a wonderful job on the pic, so don’t be dissing yourself, K?

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  15. rakanigan says:

    Definitely turned out more than okay, but WOW does that shadow have a big melon head…

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