Undermining the Ground Beneath Our Feet



  1. 😌🤗🐨💧💧💧

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  2. How adorable. So glad to see they are getting some much-needed rain.

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  3. Poor creatures. Heard that they got some much-needed rain, but a double edged sword apparently, as they are causing dangerous mudslides. My heart aches for Oz….


  4. How precious, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the suffering over there and these amazing creatures!

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    • Me too!

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      • one of the most tragic situations we’ve encountered in what seems a series of catastrophes.

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        • I’m not sure, though, what “for later” means anymore. Something changed in the world. Not too long ago, it changed, and we know it. We don’t know how to explain it yet, but I think we all can feel it, somewhere deep in our gut or in our brain circuits. We feel time differently. No one has quite been able to capture what is happening or say why. Perhaps it’s just that we sense an absence of future, because the present has become too overwhelming, so the future has become unimaginable. And without future, time feels like only an accumulation. An accumulation of months, days, natural disasters, television series, terrorist attacks, divorces, mass migrations, birthdays, photographs, sunrises.

          ~ Valeria Luiselli, Lost Children Archive: A Novel (Knopf; February 12, 2019)

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  5. Mother Earth is crying. One natural (or not so natural) disaster after another. So hard to watch from afar what has been going on, in Austalia and elsewhere.

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  6. It’s such a touching picture. But it makes me sad beyond words. So much misery, sadness, destruction, too many disasters, wars, avoidable losses….. As Dale says: Mother Earth is crying, but also all her inhabitants suffer, we are all at a terrible loss. This cute koala is just one representative of all the poor, beaten, burnt and bruised animals, plants, hills and waters.

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  7. I’m livid! And some humans are so in denial about global warming. They’re waiting to see us, fellow humans, on our knees licking rain water.


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  8. Knowing we have a problem is one thing, most do what they can personal to help fix things but really doing something is easier said then done. I am fed up hearing people say there is a problem, fix it. When asked how do we fix it most don’t know and say things like “I don’t just do something” yeah like that helps. If you don’t know how do you think anyone else does

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  9. heartbreaking

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  10. Breaks my heart

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  11. The Atmosphere of Pain, inside my broken heart grows upon seeing this photo…///
    this link talks of ways to help:

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