Nyepi, A day of silence

Nyepi, A Day of Silence by Olafur Arnalds



  1. This is really beautiful. Thanks for the treat.

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  2. What a nice way to end the day….

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  3. So nice indeed

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  4. Perfect music as I head to bed… Thank you, kind sir.

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  5. It’s 10am here and I feel like going to sleep….. this is so soothing, calming, peaceful and SO different to what Hero Husband plays. I’ll send him the link with a request !
    Thank you for this gift.

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  6. Gorgeous…

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  7. balances my mind and. heart

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  8. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Thank you, never knew about Nyepi. Since I’m a day late, time to light the fires and enjoy the light!

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  9. Namasté…

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  10. so peaceful…

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