Saturday Morning

I was struggling… overwhelmed with the world, and I had this feeling that I just wanted things to stop for a while so that I could catch up.  And I told my mom at one point that I was going to…spend a few weeks where people wouldn’t expect me to do anything other than just stare out the window…And she said, “You need to go to the wilderness.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams, Erosion: Essays of Undoing (October 8, 2019)

Photo: Luksefjell (Norway) by allanaasland (via Poppins-me)


  1. it’s a magic elixir, that wilderness

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  2. The “busy quiet” of nature…wind rustling in the trees, a squirrel scampering through the leaves, the snap of a twig (was that a deer? A bear?), the soft chatter of birdsong…yes, the best antidote to the press of the everyday. (And Another fabulous pairing of image and word, pal!)

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  3. BRAVO for another perfect marriage of poetry and visual!
    I’m more and more intruiged by Terry TW…. and I’ve finished devouring Eleanor Oliphant! What a book that was – I have my own favourite quotes from it – much sadness, much hope also.
    I just wish I could do that – going away, to and into the wilderness – just like that – leaving all the hurt and pain behind. I have a bro-in-law who does that – every year – he leaves his wife and family behind and goes into ‘hiding’…. I always find that a bit excessive and egoistic, but there you go. His wife doesn’t mind, so that’s alright I guess.
    In any case, nature is still best – even this can’t be said right now for a large and suffering part of your country.

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  4. “where people wouldn’t expect me to do anything other than just stare out the window…”

    Love this. And yes, if the world would just stop for few days so I can catch up!

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  5. What a wise mother… I am feeling the need to go were people will not expect a thing from me… Perfect marriage of photo to quote, once again.

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  6. Love this too!

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  7. Wen was the last time you sat and stared in the woods Dave? 🌳☘️🍀🎄🌿

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