Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Breakfast

Short-toed Treecreeper via Head Like an Orange. The bird is found in woodlands through much of the warmer regions of Europe and into north Africa. It is a resident in woodlands throughout its range, and nests in tree crevices or behind bark flakes, laying about six eggs. This common, unwary, but inconspicuous species feeds mainly on insects which are picked from the tree trunk as the treecreeper ascends with short hops.


  1. how perfectly named. someone had to really reach to come up with this one! ))

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  2. what a sweet, sweet, Monday Morning Call this is. And yes, Beth, what a funny, appropriate name this little bird has.

    I only hope for him and his friends that Mother Nature is able to continously feed the trees with enough little ‘buggers’ to sustain the chain of living beings – I fear that many species will be denied this privilege, the way, things are going at great speed!

    Wishing you all a Happy Monday. My Choral Week has ended with three wonderful concerts and I must now try to slot myself into the more normal rhythm of daily life once more.

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  3. Awesome footage of a cute little bird!

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  4. Nice

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  5. I like this post. Cute little bird.

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  6. dolcissimo 🙂

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  7. She is! Thank you


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