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  1. slipped by me -)

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  2. Visit me! Still here, in my corner of France…
    But the nights *are* longer, cooler and there is a mip in the morning air 😉
    (Come anyway…..)

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  3. “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” — Celia Thaxter

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  4. Too fast, too fast…

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  5. Still summer in Spain. Come visit us after you see Kiki!

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  6. Funny how good times whizz by and the not-so-good times drag.

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  7. It came, it blazed and made us sweat, and away it went without even a decent good-bye…

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  8. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Ahhh Kiki…Southern France…heaven on earth?
    Oh well, it’s lovely during the in-between seasons here in central NJ
    Still playing tennis outdoors (evenings) and growing herbs

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  9. This is what happened to summer!


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  10. With a blink of an eye!

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  11. Thanks for the smile 😎

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  12. Summer kicked winter out of bed

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  13. The beginning is gone. The middle slipped by. Thankfully, the tail-end is hanging on for dear life. Super, ‘cause it’s my favorite time to vacation. Places aren’t as crowded, hot, or expensive!😊

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  14. as a teacher, my life is closely aligned with the seasons. Perhaps that’s part of why summer is my favorite time of the year. Already looking forward to next summer! And any post with Calvin is a winner…

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