Driving I-95 N. Above the World.

Step out of the office. 15 hours and counting…

A slow walk down an empty hallway,

and a slower walk to an empty garage.

Ride home.

8:15 pm, cruising up I-95 North.

Traffic, frictionless.

Waze est. of travel time: 23 minutes.

David Crosby, “Carry Me” is on repeat.

Carry me, carry me
Carry me above the world
Carry me, carry me, carry me.

Waze: 10 minutes to Home.

Body races ahead

and eases into bed

slides under the covers

sheets, fresh, cool

seconds drip, unhurried

in ether, adrift, rising

above the world

Home, Home at last.



  1. Christie says:

    Did you eat dinner or just collapse into bed…I did notice you said ease into and I still wonder if you collapse…Glad you where “Carried Home” safely…

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  2. Sleep well…

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  3. Long day. Rest. Rejuvenate. Repeat…

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  4. too long/too short

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  5. Reading your daily commute totally stresses me out…. – Try to get some more sleep and maybe (dare I say it?) a bit more life. This doesn’t sound like much fun and you spend the biggest part of each day not with those whom you love either.
    You may hit me now!

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  6. try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeLW43SqqbA
    Sleep – by my favourite ensemble: Voces8 – written by genius guy Eric Whitacre

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  7. Hoping that this holiday weekend promises 72 hours of doing whatever the hell you please, pal, including NOTHING at all. Need some time to recharge that battery….

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  8. Home, sweet home.

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  9. I could hear your long exhale from here. Hope you got some nourishing sleep David.

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  10. Ok, a quiet moment finally and just got to reading the interview. And so glad I got to see the daughter’s recipe for happiness. We should all have a recipe.

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