Receipt of my first text message of the day

Source: Giphy (Thank you Susan)


  1. Happy Love Valentine Thursday

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, pal!

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  3. Love! Love Snoopy and Woodstock. Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

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  4. My favorite celebrity couple. Happy V. Day to both of you.

    Layla just got her Roses and card from daddy, then she asked for a ride to school, he said yes, then she immediately asked if she can have money.
    His comment when she walked away was priceless, ” I’m starting the day in the negative. Roses and cards, and a ride all the way to school, and money!”


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  5. Sent with nothing but love 😘

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    St. Valentine’s Day … a celebration … of love and friendship!! Awesome GIF …

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  7. Valentines to you!!

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  8. Happy Valentine’s day to you and your family and all your readers!

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  9. Happy Valentines Day, Dave!

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  10. So perfect. 💘

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  11. happy day! thank you for the smile

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  12. Awww…right in the Kisser!

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  13. Tough love!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Happy Valentine to you too……

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  15. Happy Valentine Day

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  16. So nice

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  17. so there!

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