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  1. OOOOOOOH, that’s a KEEPER! So, so true….. me too – SO fed up with lies

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  2. Sadly, the liars are mostly also deaf….

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  3. And THAT’S no lie….

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  4. they not only hurt my ears, they hurt my heart

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    Believe you me … I can totally relate!!

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  6. Fortunately, some of have profound hearing loss. We just take out the hearing aids to enjoy a truthful day in silence.

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  8. So true!

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  9. Actually, I have selective hearing… I choose not to listen to your lies…

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  11. yeah only t he deaf and dead hear no lies

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  12. Valerie Meluskey says:

    when confronted with a lie, I seem to go blank…anyone else have that response?
    …think it’s my instinctive way of turning it into nothingness.

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