Stir the Soul


  1. Attendees at Christmas Eve Mass in Surabaya, Indonesia. (Juni Kristwanto, December 25, 2018)
  2. A man stands inside a damaged church in the village of Tel Nasri, Syria. (Rodi Said, Reuters, December 25, 2018)
  3. An elephant wearing a Santa Claus costume performs for Thai students during Christmas celebrations at Jirasart school in Ayutthaya province north of Bangkok. (Chaiwat Subrasom, December 24, 2018)


  1. We all celebrate in our own way….

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  2. intense emotions with each photo. the first two wring the soul. the third brings the return of joy, but the memory of the others lingers.

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  3. Powerful images, each and every one.

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  4. Beautiful presentation.

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  5. One of those blogs that leaves one speechless. In a good way. Good job, David.

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  6. I am always so taken aback at photos of the destruction in Syria. Is it any wonder Syria’s people flee into unknown and uncertain futures?

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