What’s better than this? (NADT)

It’s 3:12 pm. I’m in the middle of a meeting.  I sneak a peak at my emails…it’s Christie: “looks like this would be a hit…” (She’s thinking Pavlov’s Dog)

She attaches a link for Peach Cobbler Cheesecake.

I tuck my phone out of sight under the conference table and click the link. It springs open on the photo.

And for the next 3 hours:

Thought Spiral! Peaches, Cream Cheese, Golden Graham Crust, Butter, and more.

Rating: Can’t stop at 2 servings!

Notes: (1) Inspiration: Thank you Christie. (2) Photo: Susan; Baker: Susan. Thank you! (3) “NADT”: Not a Damn Thing!


  1. Laughing,,,that looks ahhhhmazingm DK. And it’s not even chocolate…so proud of you !

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  2. You may be addicted to your smartphone if . . .

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  3. do not think of pink elephants, do not think of pink elephants!….

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  4. Sooo much better than my Reuben with lotsa sauerkraut and a big dill pickle. 🙂

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  5. So glad you enjoyed that amazing looking Peach Cobbler Cheesecake…Looks like Susan is an amazing baker! Great photo, too!

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  6. I’m getting hungry and I just finished supper!

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  7. You have got that right! NADM is wrong with that!!

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  8. Ha! Distraction in a meeting can be a good thing!

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  9. No longer dreaming of a white Christmas…

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  10. Oh…what an impossibly yummy distraction!

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  11. Drooling!

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  12. Imagine when they can send the aroma digitally? …..we will all be lost. 🤪

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  13. Must try it soon.
    I have a Flan recipe for you 😉

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  14. I’m the only one in the universe who is NOT temped by this lush cake! Hurrah….. I’m not a dessert person but can enjoy a really special one all the same. I just happen to be no fan of high-piled-multi-layered cakes. Having said that: It’s an absolutely stunning looking creation and an equally brilliant photographic success…. I’m just insanely jealous really, because should I ever try such a cake, it would flow all over the plate, couldn’t be cut and would look so rotten that EVERYBODY would be put off ever eating cake again 😉
    But I’m very good at making fresh fruit salads, tarts, and such!

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  15. I expect your esteemed employer is delighted to know you use your time so productively in meetings David. Do you attend a lot of them so you can salivate mentally over the next delicious dish? Let me know when your next team meeting is and i’ll send you the link for Delia Smith’s Chocolate Torte (which contains liquid glucose): shall I send it whilst you’re pretending to be interested in your team members’ quarterly results updates?

    (As you can see, I am fresh back from a sabbatical in Scotland (truly life changing) and a week’s holiday in Cornwall: so am, as you would say, cookin’ on gas!)

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