Notes: Review by Luca Turin, “Perfumes: The A-Z Guide” (via see more). Image Source: Pinterest


  1. *biggest grin whilst dabbing humid paper behind my ears* Cher xo

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  2. Really? 🙄

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  3. wow

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  4. Am I missing something?

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  5. Laughing…can they bottle that?

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  6. Good Lord; whatever next!
    Dang, missed my dad’s birthay (April 1st)…..

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  7. A beauty blogger posted about Tom Ford’s F*cking Fabulous perfume few days ago. I had to go check it out, where I work now. THAT is the name of the perfume. Sales people and beauty advisors are not supposed to say it out loud but to say the FF perfume.

    I’ll be for sure checking this one out.
    The chemistry of perfume making is intriguing. Perfume makers are Alchemistry Poets.

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  8. Intriguing! This morning *I* smell like a summer thunderstorm that caught me coming home from the gym. Unfortunately, don’t think you’d want to bottle that smell….

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  9. I thought you lost your mind for a minute!!!! Great post.

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  10. Yes, Live and Learn with David Kanigan!

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  11. Clever … Shame its being discontinued though 😎

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  12. I spent 25 years in the luxury “schmatte ” business. Working initially for The “Hudson” Bay Company and then for Parfum Stern; where Oscar de la Renta was their first original fragrance. Parfum Stern morphed to Sanofi Beaute; a subsidiary of Elf Aquitaine, and then to YSL Beaute, It then morphed to Cosmair/L’Oreal. There is a fortune in titillating your olfactory senses, let alone your fears of getting old or having zits with their cosmetic offerings. Remember your daughter and false eyelashes? We are all “under the influence”

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