Growing Up (60 sec.)

Not yet. Not yet.

Bring out the tissue box…


  1. Ah Dave, did you have to?

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  2. Ok, consider me gutted…. geesh, pal, that was a rough one for a rainy Sunday afternoon….sniff.

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  3. awww –

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Growing up …. enjoy the opportunities and chances!! ALL of them!!


  5. Ah hell, David.. Why ya do this to us?
    Smiling through tears…

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  6. Okay, yeah. I’m not crying at a commercial. *wipes tear from cheek*


  7. Blimey; saw too late the Kleenex sentence – such commercials, touching you to your tear conducts, should be forbidden….. OK, bring out that form, I’ll sign!!!

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