Bed Time

May you sleep the most famous sleep: the night kind, one-third-of-your-whole-life-like…This kind of sleep is an egg: broken, mixed in, eaten, membrane shredded and forgotten like the torn-up dreams that let you go…The day was made for you to join the others…They are thirsty and smart and aching, waiting for you to carry your load.


  1. Thank you! may you have a luxurious sleep–you could use such an experience. The lvoely photo reminds me of the double yolk egg I used this am to make special pancakes…we need these positives…

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  2. yes, real sleep. it’s really something.

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  3. Hope you slept last night Dave!


  4. One night just one night with uninterrupted sleep – sounds heavenly – I think I’d get a panic attack it that should happen to me…. 🙂

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