I need one

Have a dog, or get one, or borrow one….When you’ve been deep in your head for a while, it’s important to touch something warm and alive, something mortal….While the dogs sniff a single blade of grass for two minutes, I find myself looking around. I notice a raptor overhead, an interesting human face, an overheard conversation, something discarded or forgotten in the grass. Be here for the writing life and be here for the real life. Each needs the other.

– Chelsey Johnson, from “Chelsey Johnson Recommends” in Poets & Writers (May 10, 2018)


Photo: via Newthom


  1. He’s so adorable. I guess I’ll forgive you for skipping a Lightly this morning.

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  2. We know you need one, we know you want one! Can’t you just go get one? 🐶🐶🐶

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  3. What are you waiting for David?

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  4. Oh yes, you do…

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  5. It should be dear David, yes, we can’t forget them but always so nice to have a new friend, I will be happy as much as you…. Wonderful post that I read this morning, you are amazing Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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  6. ´course you do…´ ;);) 😉

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  7. You’re late to this party, pal. We all know you’ve been needing one for months. Father’s Day is just around the corner…maybe Susan and the kids will hook you up. 😁


  8. who would not love being greeted by this face each and every day?

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  9. Yes. I’m sure we all await an announcement.

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  10. Yes. you. do.

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  11. You know what I’m thinking 🤔

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  12. Had to come back – you know you do…. – it’s just a question of stalling a bit longer – but somewhere a puppy is (im)patiently waiting for you to come and pick it up 🙂
    And I swear your life will be SOOOOOO much better ever after. Even better….

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  13. I have grand-dogs, one who is strikingly similar in looks to our beloved Frankie. He’s goofy and adorable and it’s all I can do to stop slobbering all over him when he visits. His name is Sully. Our other Grand-dog is Roscoe, smart and hilarious. So while I don’t have a dog myself yet, I’m thankful that our boys do ~ you’ll know when it’s time. ❤ MJ

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  14. Christie says:

    ” I notice a raptor overhead” …we enjoyed sitting in the backyard earlier this week watching a group of twelve Turkey Vultures gathering, gliding in the thermals…and one day recently she called us outside to witness a crow, attack hassling a Red Tail Hawk, the cry of the Hawk unmistakable…i always look skyward when I heard that cry…as I am delighted to see a Hawk in flight…

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