T.G.I.F.: Archie Bunker on Gun Control (90 sec)



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  2. I can’t even…

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  3. It is good to see Donald Trump’s poor deceased brother once again.

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  4. There’s irony for you….

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  5. Trump’s ancestor?

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  6. It was a simpler time when people’s feelings weren’t so easily hurt. I watched that show as a kid and maybe that’s where I got my personality. ??

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  7. What a writer (Norman Lear) and what an actor (Carroll O’Connor)! Love them. But, did you see the youtube comments–years ago people taking Archie as the wise one–who if his beliefs were followed, “we wouldn’t have had 9-11”! Humor gives us perspective on absurdity, and the mentally ill have little facility for humor. Moan….. I really want to laugh! We all need this!

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  8. good for comic relief

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  9. I need subtitles here…. (sorry for missing out!)

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  10. …Songs that made the hit parade …..

    What a show that was!


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  11. Oh dear, I hope Archie wasn’t the inspiration for mister Trumpie.

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