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Me, I’m all over the place. I look like my dad, and like both the girls in different ways. My hair is naturally curly but not in the sexy beachy way. If I were a dog, I’d be the kind that’s easier to shave down than to groom. I have been told I have large teeth. I’m soft, and getting softer, and my ass is less pumpkin than helipad. To pretend I care enough to fix these things, I exercise every Saturday morning with Edward. I slow down when my forehead starts to shine—I’m not a huge fan of showers. I wear the same clothes all week and often get past noon before putting on a bra or looking in the mirror. I prefer projects to jobs. I’ve built “furniture,” been a “photographer,” and started a “company.” I am riddled with ideas, a dozen a day. My ambition waxes when I drink alcohol—one skinny margarita can have me filing to run for state senate—and wanes in the morning after the kids leave and I am alone with the work. The one absolutely good thing I do is volunteer for our local children’s hospital. Every Tuesday, from three p.m. to five p.m., I hold babies in the NICU.

~ Kelly Corrigan, Tell Me More: Stories About the 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say (January 9, 2018)

Verdict: Highly Recommended.


  1. BAM. C’est moi – but for Edward – I don’t know an Edward.

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  2. oh, i love this. refreshingly honest

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  3. Finally, someone speaking the truth. This looks great.

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  4. Refreshing!! Should be a fun read.

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  5. I like her!

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  6. Made me remember when I held my tiny granddaughter in the NICU…she was there for 3 long weeks. Now a thriving 7 y.o.

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  7. “…one skinny margarita can have me filing to run for state senate…” I actually made an audible guffaw…love it! Just the bit of humor I needed this morning. Into the queue this book (and all her others) go….

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  8. 🙂 sounds like the person I don’t know, every morning, when I look into the mirror – First thought it was you up to The Shower, then I pulled the brakes, released them and arrived at Bra…. and from now on I KNEW it wasn’t you 🙂
    Has certain similarities to a book an English friend sent me: The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits, a book I’d never bought myself (and a writer I didn’t know at all) – full of surprising, often v. funny stories with weird endings, a joy to read – and finding oneself more often than one would wish for.
    Besides, this my book is so incredibly beautiful, it’s a joy to hold in my hands, to look at it, to stroke over it with caressing fingers – I’d probably read the telephone directory if it was ‘packed up and presented’ in such a gorgeous fashion.
    Sorry for this long eloge on another writer, another book – but it’s – honest to God – all YOUR fault!

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  9. I love her!

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  10. She writes like you Mr K! Authentic, honest and funny. 🌈👏

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