A Mind Divided

She’s a fellow blogger. She struggles with some ferocious demons. Here’s her story. I urge you to listen to the finish.

“A Reflection: Flickers in the Dark…How do you make a life out of ash? How do you move from the whole of the doily into the thread? For me, it started with flickers of light in my darkness…”


Source: Sandy’s Blog @ A Mind Divided: “Flickers in the Dark” Reflection



  1. She is a badass…in all the best ways. Moving, indeed

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  2. An inspiration. One of the incredible tribe you have brought together in this space, pal…

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  3. ‘Whatever I’m feeling its OK … WRITE, why not write, I’m already crazy, so write’ I love stories overcoming mental illness…

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  4. Aww, buddy… thanks for tucking me under your wing.

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  5. Love, love, love her… 🙂

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  6. Yes, thank you for tucking her under your wing 😊

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  7. “Living is not for weenies…”
    Feeling so…tucked.

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  8. very moving and powerful – she is amazing

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  9. Such an inspired presentation…and real. Thanks for sharing, DK.

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  10. İmpressed me too. Thank you dear David, you are in a special place in my blogging world, how nice to know you. Happy New Year, Love, nia

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  11. Thank you for pointing in Sandy’s direction. We need to know more – and this is a wonderful, strong and clever woman. Good of you to find personalities like her – and ‘share’ them with us. You’re doing a great ‘job’.
    Wishing you a strong leave of this year and an even stronger entry into the New Year. But then, even better – I wish you to be able to follow up the strong beginning with a beautiful walk through the 12 months to come, many sharings, tons of good vibes, less stress in your life, much laughter….. 🙂

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  12. The places we find beauty …

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  13. Brilliant.

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