A student in her uniform balances on stones over sewage water on her way to class in the Cite Soleil slum of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


  • Thanksgiving is a not a statutory declared holiday in Haiti.
  • Photo by Dieu Nalio Chery, AP., Nov 21, 2017


  1. How can one hit the ‘like’ button…we have much to do to help each child thrive…

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  2. yup, good reminder

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  3. Suddenly that big fat turkey and all the dressings…doesn’t seem so appetising. 😁

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  4. she is a symbol of strength, grit, resilience, human spirit, and sheer will. i see many positives here.

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  5. The most important part of this commentary via image is….SHE has hope. SHE has the light that shines. WE are the ones that need to assist in keeping her in a sustaining light.

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    This is Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Yet, the haunting picture took me back to my country: Puerto Rico where things are similar after Hurricane María battered the American colony!! #SoSad …


  7. My thoughts upon gazing at the photo,,,that She is Determined, Joyful, Strong, has a Good Sense of Self, is Grateful to have the opportunity of a school to attend,,,and as she moves forward toward Personal Excellence, She is Hope…and I personally feel that Joy Radiates Outward, Joy Influences always, no matter the circumstances. Internally we all have a choice, to be grateful for each breath…unfortunately many(rich or poor) are blinded, mired by their internal and external bondage to the point that they can’t see forward and recognize that along the journey of life there is much construction.. as our experiences shape us, I hope that those individuals who choose a mindset of lack of Joy, lack of Appreciation, lack of Hope, Encounter someone who has chosen to Reach Out to Reach In… In this Gift of Life, ‘We’ are all witnesses, participants and whether we recognize it or not we influence – in a positive or negative manner…we can all choose to Give of Ourselves, Extend Kindness, Share Our Bounty and Shine Bright and the beautiful Child on her way to school has no clue how far reaching her influence, is…I am thankful for your share…the Impact of Image, presenting HOPE will stay with me as I go about my day…

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  8. She is one of many all over the world who struggle with determination.

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    We are so lucky.

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  10. We take so much for granted… this girl offers a chance to take a gook look at our own lives.

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  11. thank you for posting this David.
    It is illuminating. So many people truly have no idea, what its like living in poverty but fighting to rise from it. This was a perfect snapshot.

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  12. Good girl – get to school! So many problems to solve, and we need good minds on all local levels.

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  13. Proof that we are often what stops us from moving past hardships to get to where we need to go.
    Beautiful reminder, David

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  14. A strong heart. A brave soul.
    A mind determined has a goal.
    Odds are many yet she has fought
    Fears lurking poverty depressing
    Nothing can stop..A determined soul

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