1. Working day

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  2. teapots and mounds of sugar in the sunset

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  3. The three wise men are on the road..,.

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  4. Awesome field trip!

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  5. I was just thinking that it is entirely possible that you own the largest collection of camel photographs in the world, ok, maybe just Connecticut, because of this weekly feature. I’ll send a note to the Guinness people and have them start looking into it.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    CALEB … Reminds me of the Three Kings Day!! Awesome …

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  7. christinesat says:

    These colours are beautiful and heartwarming on this grey, cold and rainy November day. There’s hope; in a few months, spring will be back. I’m waiting…

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  8. Beautiful picture – would go nicely with my novel Whispers Under the Baobab except the setting in my book is on the other side of the Sahara.

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  9. Show me the way to go home…..I’m tired and I want to got to bed….

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  10. Christmas card perfect!!

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