I’m Happy…

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  1. Me, too. Moving into my favorite time of year!

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  2. Me too…I think Snoopy is wise beyond his dog years.

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  3. i’m right there with him.

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  4. Me too!!

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  5. Sometimes just sitting is enough. The leaves are a bonus.

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  6. Me and Snoopy are on the same wavelength–my favourite time of year! I know too many Lucys….

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  7. Love it! I can understand that the most simple of things can make one happy! Don’t need much 🙂

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  8. my favorite idle pasttime is watching the birds come to the feeders [and my dark side: I chase the squirrels away who try to eat all the birds’ food]… I just love birds….

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  9. Me too! 🙂

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  10. Ach. That reminder to look up once in a while. Thanks, Snoopy Kanigan.

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  11. Awww I’m happy now too! Thanks for making my day sweeter David! I love Snoopy!

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  12. All beauty is found in the eye of the beholder.

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  13. As a life let no follower of Snoopy, I wholeheartedly agree. (Spent a few hours doing thus this afternoon after getting caught up in the “things that need to get done” world of home.)

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    Whatever floats your boat! #snoopyrules

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