Sunday Morning


It’s enough just to listen to music, to keep asking questions for which there are no answers, to remember paintings seen in a museum, to note the earth’s quiet at dusk, birds’ voices in May, to shiver at the thought that they’re alive, that the gleam of each new dawn is an endless promise.

~ Adam Zagajewski, Slight Exaggeration: An Essay (April 4, 2017)



  1. Beautiful ‘An endless promise’ 👏

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  2. Man, to write like that…gave me shivers..

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  3. What a voice!

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  4. Fascinating image.

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  5. Nan Morrissette says:

    I sit in my lovely edge-of-the-woods garden early every morning and just listen. Just listen. It is quite miraculous how the quiet sounds Nature creates can shut out the normal noises in my head. This is a delightful quote. Again, as always, thank you.
    Nan Morrissette

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  6. Its more than enough … A beautiful share David 💛

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  7. Anonymous says:

    David, I often read your beautifully curated (to use a trendy word tossed around these days) quotes and observations, but I rarely think to acknowledge how much I appreciate what your blog offers. So this Sunday morning I am expressing general gratitude, and specific thanks for directing my attention to Adam Zagajewski, previously unknown to me.

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  8. Good to see a bird of joy.

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  9. Man I wish my words could flow like that…
    Yes. It is more than enough to stop, pay attention, listen and ask and just enjoy…

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  10. Lovely words…We are blessed to take a breath and note the opportunity to and to experience some of the simple pleasures that enrich our lives… Such a Joy to Live…for each breath is a gift and each day does holds such “promise”..

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  11. mornings… sigh –


  12. Like others have said, it is enough. A gentle reminder that we can be/do enough without striving for more.

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  13. This is one of those posts that I just go around “liking” a.k.a. agreeing, with everyone. They have said is more eloquently than I this day.

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