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  2. Hallucinogenic Hump Day!

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  3. Caleb sends a message in a bottle day…

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  4. crunchy peanut butter day.

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  5. The glass is half full day….

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    CALEB!! Your caravan … through the glass! 🐪

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  7. David, I love this – so evocative.

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  8. What a great pic for this week’s Hump Day
    Have a fabulous one, David

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  9. Christie says:

    Nano-ish size, Camel Caravan….I wonder what ‘Jules Vern’ would have written had he seen this photo? Something fantastical for sure ///The image: I like how the camels are on the rise and the sand is spilling out…forward they go and they will travel further out into the great beyond …

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  10. How did you get those camels to go into the jar? LOL

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  11. I guess before the tobacco industry packed camels in a carton this I how you purchased them.

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  12. amazing what you can get in a mason jar…

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  13. Perfect!

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  14. Heading toward the weekend, and then, it’s party time. Loved this one, David. ☺☺

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