Is that all it is, just beauty?

“This is how the world is, this is how humans are,” he says. “Everything that exists must disappear. Now, our art is something that basically cannot be owned, cannot be purchased, cannot be kept. It is ephemeral, and therefore it is free — and it is beautiful.”

Is that all it is, just beauty? Christo furrows his brow, as if not understanding the question. No, nothing more. What should it be? Then he smiles indulgently and says with a shrug: “Now it is there. Soon it will be gone.” And that’s all.

~ Arno Frank, Christo’s Colossal Project in Germany in Spiegel Online. (March 14, 2013)

American artist Christo’s work, titled “Big Air Package,” was meant to be the largest inflatable object of all time. Its volume would rival the ill-fated Hindenburg blimp, still the largest airship ever created. The inflatable package, 94 meters high and 54 meters wide, of “Big Air Package” is made up of 20,350 square meters of specially made milky-white, translucent material the artist calls “ETex Christo.” A specialty firm in the northern city of Lübeck spent 2,800 hours completing 12.5 kilometers (7.8 miles) of stitching. The 600 panels of fabric are to be held together by ropes and Velcro, which are meant to allow the 5.3-metric-ton formation to hold as much air as possible.

But all that is just numbers. And numbers can’t describe the experience of stepping through the airtight revolving doors and climbing the stairs — or better put, floating up them as if you were in the interior of a surreal rain cloud. Those who want to step into this transcendental space must make their way to Oberhausen. It’s the kind of pull toward the heavens that people in the Middle Ages must have felt when they first entered a gothic cathedral and looked up.



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  2. Love!! ❤️

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  3. Christie says:

    if a person could see from behind the white part (sclera) of their eye, I wonder if the experience would be like being inside Christo’s “Big Air Package”? (The sclera, opaque, fibrous, protective, outer layer of the eye containing collagen and elastic fiber.) If one who is inside looks at the top of his balloon’s interior you can see the fiber framework… I wonder what it would what be like to be free floating in his “Big Air Package”? or what is it like to be inside a molecule of water on the side of a piece of dry dandelion seed , one direction clear looking out and the other direction looking into the feathery fluff, as your floating through the air?…Cheisto’s projects are wonderful, on such a massive scale…I traveled to see a friend of mine large outside installation on a hillside, mountain top…it was a sight to behold! I laid on the ground looking up at the installation with the sky as the backdrop and the colors of her installation so vividly saturated and alive moving in the breeze…and I think of the magic of looking being at a hot air balloon festival…being immersed in life I am always looking out and up…

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  4. I love the way Christo ‘thinks big’ and is so much about being in the moment. Yes, his artwork is ephemeral, but so is life. I remember walking through ‘The Gates’ project in Central Park and being transported. His work allows, nay encourages, one to let go and give way to ‘what if’, and ‘just in this moment’ impulses. And in the end, isn’t that what art is really all about…looking at the world through a new lens, challenging one’s previously conceived notions about how things are supposed to look, feel, sound, be. Like Picasso said, The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.’

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  5. Christie says:

    What an experience for those who the chance to visit Christo’s “Big Air Package”Reminiscent of Ethereal moon glow… with the except that people are inside or the glowing cocoon…

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  6. This post immediately brought to mind, this song:

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