Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


The birders I encountered in books and in the world shared little except this simple secret:

if you listen to birds, every day will have a song in it.

~ Kyo Maclear, Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation 



  • Inspired by:Some people experience serenity by seeing their home team win, others by spending time with a loved one or racing downhill on a mountain bike. For me, it’s watching birds—seeing them, identifying them, wondering what they’re doing, marveling at their powers of navigation, or simply taking in their exquisite beauty. I love birds.  ~ Neil Hayward, “Lost Among the Birds: Accidentally Finding Myself in One Very Big Year
  • Photo via Mennyfox55
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  1. True…but pigeons? 😉

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  2. I agree, although I prefer wood pigeons, to rock pigeons 😉 In my garden, there are some beautiful songbirds, so the dawn chorus is a delight. The birds include a robin, Mr and Mrs Blackbird, Mr and Mrs Mistlethrush, wrens, blue tits, bullfinches, chaffinches, dunnocks and hedge sparrows, to name a few. Sometimes some more raucous birds visit and disturb the peace, such as jackdaws, magpies, and jays. I admit to telling them to shut up, if they go on for too long, and they usually obey. On rare occasions, two lesser spotted woodpeckers have visited, but to feed on bugs and not to tap a hole in my trees! I love them all — a love that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.

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  3. The songs of birds are almost always there, but we rarely stop to listen.

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  4. beautiful and true –

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  5. Beautiful. A pigeon’s Coo is just as inspiring as a songbird’s call. ☺☺

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  6. roseanne333 says:

    What a beautiful quote, Dave.
    Happy new week…hope you’re feeling better.d

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  7. Love that photo. They look like they are checking him out to see if he’s a statue!

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  8. I have planted extensive gardens just so that birds will be attracted to our yard. It’s a safe haven for them – no cats, dogs who would chase cats out of they should somehow get under a fence somewhere. And it’s true. Listening to bird song keeps us both in grace.

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