Monday Morning Wake-up Call


I hear a sound, reverberating, like a drum with poor memory.
A thing that the wind thumps again and again
against some other object the earth is holding tight…
The sound of a slow heart heard through a stethoscope.

— Tomas Tranströmer, from “Start of a Late Autumn Novel,” The Half-Finished Heaven

Notes: Poem Source – Hidden Sanctuary. Photo – Precious Things


  1. Morning… how beautiful to begin with this post dear David. Something catches me, hits me… Every Morning, is a miracle for our life… Thank you, have a great day, love, nia

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  2. Somehow my Fitbit vibrating against my wrist isn’t nearly as poetic… Happy Monday, pal! Make it a good one. 😉


  3. ‘bang the drum slowly…’

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  4. ‘…a drum with poor memory ‘ – that alone pries these eyes open.

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  5. Dang! WordPress needs a LOVE button! ❤
    Diana xo

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  6. That would wake me up!

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