1. light up the world with your smile day

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  2. A Caleb selfie! He is one talented camel.”

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  3. Close up

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  4. Yep, there it is, that je ne sais quoi we all know and love….

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  5. A fab camel photo. Love those guys.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Why, Caleb … that’s an awesome close up! Looking good!

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  7. Hi! GM …. How did you find out who to credit photo to? Wondering … I need to learn how!
    Hugs …

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  8. Caleb is saying: “Wednesday? It can’t be….where is the time going?”

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  9. Now that’s a jaunty shot. Spring is in the air 😊

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  10. What a cutie! We could add a thought bubble and make suggestions as to what he is saying. Maybe “How do you like me now?!”


  11. Those spring colors suit him!

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