He’s #19 on the field today. (Watch)

“No matter what he does on Sunday, Malcolm says it will never be his proudest accomplishment.”

Malcom Mitchell, #19 and Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots.

Today, The Reader…

Inspiring…Full stop.

Note: If video isn’t playable in your country, try cbsnew.com: The Bookish Football Star


  1. Reblogged this on A Simple, Village Undertaker and commented:
    What a great story! Almost makes me want to root for New England tonight. That jury is still out, but I’ll be watching Malcolm.

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  2. Through happy tears. What a great story. Thanks, DK.

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  3. I don’t give a shit what this kid does on the field, he is a SUPERSTAR to me. Fabulous, pal, absolutely fabulous. Thank you for sharing….

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  4. thanks for sharing; that was great!

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  5. I can’t watch this!
    It says, “The uploader has not made this video available in your country. ”


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  6. Full of admiration and hope for this man and the people young and older who follow his example.

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  7. Awesome. Full stop. But it would be better if he was a Falcon…

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  8. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

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  9. It says the video is not available in my country. 😦 ❤
    Diana xo

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  10. How wonderful to watch someone who is leading by example and modeling the value of reading. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. A young man with his priorities straight; beautiful role model!! 🙂

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  12. Loved and shared it thanks so much.

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  13. Loved this Dave! Showed this to the my boys on gameday and pass it on to my office. Thanks for sharing such great pieces and keep it going!

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  14. Great and inspiring story. You can see the pride in his eyes.

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