T.G.I.F.: Road Trip!


Singer Céline Dion is cutting the price of her Florida estate to $38.5 million. See the 19 other amazing pictures here: Celine Dion Jupiter Estate.


  1. Very serene.
    Now a days, one tweet can make or break people’s cash balance. Wonder if anyone will be ready to part away with $38.5million in the next 4yrs.

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  2. Opulence comes at a very high price. Sad when you think about all the families that are living in shelters.

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  3. Too bad we just built a house…😉

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  4. maybe if we all just throw in a bit – each take a week?

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  5. There’s a water slide….maybe just bid on the children’s play area !!

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  6. Love Celine. I actually just drove by the church where she got married.
    Esam has been trying to convince me to move to Florida for a long time.

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  7. Nan Morrissette says:

    It will soon all be underwater, anyway. Maybe she can sell it to the so-called oresident and he can build a new golf course on it.

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  8. There is no comment here. This space is blank. Remains blank. Empty. Nada. Nothing.
    No comment.

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  9. It’s too close to Mar-a-Lago.

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  10. Thank God. Now I can afford it!

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