5:00 PM Bell! (Lucky Chops)

Check out the foot work of Mr. Green Hair @ 1:06. How good are these guys?

The brass band Lucky Chops was started by some kids at New York LaGuardia High (the “Fame” school) who cut their teeth playing in the subway. When a South American tourist shot a video of them that went viral, they started getting real gigs…”We still go into the subway to perform when we have the time. It’s a great training ground, if we workshop a new song in the subway and are able to get strangers to stop what they’re doing and listen to us then we know that song is a keeper.” (Source: Bedford + Bowery)

Liked this? Check out Lucky Chops with their Adele Cover: Hello


  1. Terrific!!

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  2. Good, with style and energy!

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  3. Be the happiness you want to see in the world! They are showing the way!

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  4. Fantastic Performance and a great pick me up heading into the Weekend. Thanks,

    *Douglas Cohen* *Societal Educator*

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    ‘Our society can only be considered successful, to the extent we care for the needs of the least well off among us.’

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Way cool!! Awesome …

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  6. He’s got rhythm from his head to his toes.

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  7. great!

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  8. Great story, so much talent out there! 💃🏼

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  9. Not only are these guys great performers…it looks like they’re having the time of their lives!!
    Hear, hear!
    Thanks for sharing, Dan

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  10. My feet are not as agile as Mr. Green Hair, but they are tapping. Excellent performers, love it. Thanks, David! 😀

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  11. So good, and such fun to watch. Good on them! May they enjoy many years together….

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