Monday Morning Wake-Up Call



  1. Ok, let’s hop to it….

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  2. ‘postnuptial migration’? a vacation after the wedding?

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  3. It appears to me, by the cockeyed look , that he is giving Monday morning a bit of a run for its money…

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  4. We all can benefit from this little strong bird. Knowing when to migrate. Knowing when you found your shore. Knowing when to rest. Knowing how to achieve balance.
    Thank you, little bird.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Brrr!! Time to get up … new week!!

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  6. Postnuptial? As in Honeymoon?

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  7. He’s probably trying to warm his toes, one foot at a time.

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  8. I love the colors!! The peace and calm is palpable.

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  9. christinesat says:

    I know this kind of expression :o) . It’s me, Monday morning at 5.30, especially in winter. Brrrrr.

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  10. Take it easy out there!

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