NYC: Ho! Ho! Ho!


Christmas tree prices in New York City have reached a staggering high of $1,000, amid hiked up tree prices this year due to drought-caused tree shortages. Heather Neville, who sells Christmas trees in New York’s Greenwich Village, told the New York Post on Sunday that her tallest tree costs about $77 per foot. Neville said the particular tree is priced so high because they are “harder to get.” “This 13-foot-tree—a beautiful fir—is $750, and with delivery, installation with a stand and tip would be $1,000,” she said. She said tree prices could top $1,000, pointing out a 15-foot one that could go for $1,200, including the delivery and set up.

~ Mahita Gajanan, You Can Buy a $1,000 Christmas Tree in New York City

Photo: CNBC – Manhattan Upper West Side 


  1. Seriously? Give me a Charlie Brown xmas tree and I’d be happy – and have a grand in my pocket

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  2. $44.95 at Costco!! 🤑🎄🎄🎄🎄

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  3. I’m all about a fresh Christmas tree, but this is insanity!

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  4. So how big is yours, David? If that’s not too personal?

    I can buy an 8′ tree for $12 in the local village BTW!

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  5. i feel good that mine was $10 and now i have an extra $990 to spend!

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  6. Ho, Ho, No….🎄

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  7. We’ve been using a fake tree for years. And now that the little one is not so little anymore, talking about 12 year old Layla, she demanded real trees going further. Too late, we set it up Thanksgiving weekend.

    I took many new families here in chicago to get their Christmas trees, the biggest was $110.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Ho! Ho! Ho! …. expensive trees!!

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  9. I knew greenery was rare in NY but this is a huge price to pay for a tree.

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  10. Yesterday, Home Depot, suburban CT, $40 total for 85 inches. Not a huge selection, but the sad part is they only sold 14 trees up to 5 PM. I fear the live tree is not a big seller anymore.

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  11. I remember paying $50 for an average sized tree in Chicago in 1992. My roommate and I carried it five blocks home and put it up ourselves. It was a splurge for us back then.:)

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  12. Nice afternoon walk up a country road with an axe, 12 foot tree free…priceless…bring it home set it out side and mother nature flocks it…country living can’t be beat.

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